Fibby’s Hair-Growing-Out SAGA!

WOH! Exciting!!!

Not really. It’s the same old story told time and time again – I’m addicted to ruining my hair. Really though. Bleaching, cutting, dying synthetic colors, straightening, blow drying … you name it, I’m addicted to it.



It started with my childhood; I was a blue eyed babe with thick wavy blonde locks that were enviable even at the age of 3. Nobody could believe my waist-length braids in grade school.

I, however, loathed the heavy, slow-drying, thick, frizzy, unmanageable mass that was constantly straining my neck and scalp, and was forever begging my parents to let me cut my hair. When I was 10 they let me cut it shoulder length.



Then came ….. THE CHOP!!!!!!!!!


Through college I cut and dyed it myself, with the general philosophy of : “I am a wild unpredictable rainbow and hair isn’t real and who cares so WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”

That ended quickly and I longed for my hair back. For MANY years I’ve been trying to grow it back out. And I keep getting stuck here :

med 3


Right at my shoulders.

For some reason at this length growth seemed to stand still. I’d get so frustrated after perpetual months of my hair not changing at ALL. I didn’t realize, at the time, that my hair was growing after all – it was just becoming so damaged that the ends were breaking off before it could get anywhere!



So for the past year on and off I’ve been trying different variants of oils, wash methods, no ‘poo (no commercial shampoos or conditioners, which is what I’ve more or less settled on), treatments, inversion massage therapy, protective hairstyles etc. And with the support of my husband over the last 2 years I’ve grown my hair from just under the ears to the dreaded SHOULDER LENGTH stage during which I always cave and cut my hair.



So when my youngest daughter (of 3) was about to be born and I was feeling extra feminine and matronly, I made a vow – I would not cut or chemically color my hair until her first birthday. One year, leaving the split ends, not bleaching, not dying crazy colors. I would only allow myself free reign over my bangs, and would only color with henna (natural, and strengthening to the hair shaft).

I am now 6 months in and so far so good! Here’s my progress :



It may not seem like much, but there are all kinds of layers in the back that have grown out, I’ve trimmed my bangs twice since the first photo, and my hair is substantially healthier from multiple henna treatments and better wash methods.

So we’ll see if I ever get the mermaid locks of my dreams. On this blog I’ll be sharing different no ‘poo methods, hair tricks and tips, etc. And of course on my daughter’s first birthday, I’ll be checking in on my hair length. I’m hoping it’ll be BSL (bra strap length) by then!


Love and Light,









 … to the fabulous world of Fibby! On this site I plan to share my hair-growth / no ‘poo journey, my yoga, my thoughts, my motherhood, my marriage, and more! Thanks for coming along! ❤